I must say, although, it wasn't actually me who received a hair cut here, but my boyfriend, I was happy with his results! Not only were they really friendly, but they kept the place open for us even though we arrived right at closing time.

We didn't mean to be inconsiderate or rude, but my bf just got off of work and rushed there asap hoping we would be able to make it and his hair was just getting way too crazy! We were desperate! Anyway, they gave my boyfriend a retro hair cut that just looked hot! Thanks for the everything. I will def go there for my next hair cut!

THIS IS MY NEW FOUND FAVORITE SALON TO GO TO. For YEARS, I've been looking for a salon where all my needs and wants are catered to but I haven't been able to find one until I stumbled upon LE BRIAN SALON. And trust me, I've been to PLENTY of salons.

I came here already with an appointment but I didn't know who to do it with since it was my first time. The salon is well-decorated with small TV panels built into the walls. There are about 8 stations, and it's usually not crowded because most customers here are "appointment" customers, but they do welcome "walk-ins." I was told that Jake Long was gonna cut my hair. He asked me what I wanted and I told him I wanted a faux hawk but at the same time a mohawk in the back. About 30 mintues later, BAMMM ! I got what I wanted, and it looked SO NICE.

I was VERY pleased so I decided to make this my GO TO salon. About a month later I came back to Jake for another haircut and he created wonders again. And for $20 bucks?!?!? That's as good as it gets.

I LOVE LE BRIAN SALON! PHILLIP THE OWNER did my make up for my valentines day wedding and it turned out beautiful! I don't wear make up normally and being asian, I have small almond shaped eyes with no eyelids! he did his magic! I looked absolutely beautiful! FUTURE BRIDES YOU MUST GO HERE TO HAVE PHILLIP DO YOUR MAKE UP AND HAIR! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT AT ALL!!